AEW Women's Division at Its Peak, Says Tony Khan


AEW Women's Division at Its Peak, Says Tony Khan

Tony Khan, the influential figure at the helm of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently shed light on the significant progress and promising future of the company's women's division, which has historically faced its fair share of criticism.

Addressing the media, Khan confidently stated that the division is now in "the strongest place it’s been," marking a pivotal moment in AEW's journey. Throughout AEW's existence, the spotlight on its women's division has often been a topic of debate, with calls from both fans and critics for greater representation and opportunities for female wrestlers.

The tail end of 2023 marked a turning point, featuring a heightened focus on standout performers like Toni Storm and Julia Hart. These developments have set the stage for what Khan envisions as a brighter future. Khan's strategy includes a robust approach to free agency, a move he's been vocal about lately.

The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation that top free agents such as Mercedes Mone and Deonna Purrazzo might soon join AEW's ranks. But Khan's vision goes beyond new acquisitions. He emphasized the importance of existing talent, particularly those sidelined due to injuries, who are key to the division's growth.

Champions' Anticipated Return

AEW has already welcomed the return of Thunder Rosa from injury, but the anticipation builds around two former AEW Women’s World Champions, eagerly awaited by fans and the company alike.

“We have great names like Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Jamie Hayter, a great World Champion who was the top star of the division when she was injured,” Khan highlighted. The potential return of these athletes, especially at significant venues like Wembley Stadium in London, hints at exciting times ahead for the division.

Khan’s plans don’t stop there. He hinted at making big moves in free agency, leveraging his ability to invigorate the roster. “When we get these big stars back, and if I am as active in free agency as I have the ability to be, then I think things can get really exciting,” he stated.

This renewed focus and strategic planning by Tony Khan and AEW signify not just a response to past criticisms but a bold step forward in elevating women's wrestling. The promise of a stronger, more dynamic women's division in AEW not only excites fans but also redefines the landscape of women's wrestling on a global scale.

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