Serena Deeb's Long-Awaited AEW Return Announced


Serena Deeb's Long-Awaited AEW Return Announced
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Former NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb is set to make her highly anticipated return to AEW after an almost year-long absence from professional wrestling. The exciting announcement came during the recent AEW Worlds End event when Deeb conveyed her intentions to step back into the AEW ring.

During the latest episode of "AEW Collision," fans were treated to a glimpse of Serena Deeb's preparation for her return. In a captivating video segment, she was seen being released from a straight-jacket and lacing up her boots before embarking on intense training at her Deeb Dojo.

Although the exact date of her return remains undisclosed, the AEW universe can hardly contain their excitement.

Serena Deeb's Intense Preparation

In the video message, Serena Deeb expressed her dedication and passion for the sport.

"Where have I been?" she asked rhetorically. "I've been training in isolation, obsessively studying and dissecting every single part of [AEW's] women's division." She revealed that she locked herself away in her training academy, dedicating herself to self-improvement and preparation for her return.

Deeb's journey back to the ring has been marked by adversity. She had been battling debilitating medical issues that forced her to step away from wrestling in 2022, following three unprovoked seizures. The extent of her health struggles was disclosed on her Instagram account, and she spent the subsequent year working closely with medical professionals to regain her health.

Fortunately, in November, Deeb received the green light from her neurologist, certifying her as fit and healthy to compete once more. Prior to her medical hiatus, Serena Deeb faced setbacks due to a knee injury in 2021, which also led to some time away from the ring.

Her last match before her hiatus was a victory over Haley J on "AEW Dark: Elevation." Serena Deeb's return to AEW promises to be a momentous occasion, and fans around the world are eagerly awaiting her comeback. Stay tuned for updates on when "The Professor" will grace the AEW ring once again and continue her remarkable wrestling journey.