Tony Khan Updates on AEW's WBD Ties Amid Media Rights Buzz


Tony Khan Updates on AEW's WBD Ties Amid Media Rights Buzz
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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) CEO Tony Khan recently made headlines during his appearance on News4JAX's "Going Ringside." In a candid conversation, Khan discussed the future of AEW's television contract, shedding light on what fans can anticipate regarding the promotion's long-term broadcast home.

The CEO's revelations are especially significant as they come amid a flurry of speculation about the media rights landscape in professional wrestling. "We are approaching what I believe to be the most significant year in our history," Khan asserted.

"By the end of 2024, the long-term broadcasting future of AEW will be crystal clear." His comments underscore the pivotal phase AEW is entering, having been a staple on TNT and TBS for over four years, with five hours of weekly programming.

Khan's remarks also included high praise for Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), AEW's current broadcast partner. "Warner Bros. Discovery has been a fantastic partner and will continue to be so through 2024," he stated, highlighting the strong relationship between AEW and WBD.

This partnership has been a cornerstone of AEW's growth and visibility in the pro wrestling world.

AEW's Industry Impact

The CEO emphasized the broader implications of AEW's TV contract negotiations. "This isn't just about AEW; it's about the entire pro wrestling ecosystem," Khan noted, pointing to the industry-wide impact of such media deals.

2024 is set to be a landmark year for AEW, with Khan hinting at exciting prospects and developments in the pipeline. Adding to the intrigue in the wrestling media rights domain, rumors have swirled since late 2023 about WBD potentially securing the TV rights to WWE's "Raw." Khan addressed these speculations in his discussion with News4JAX.

Meanwhile, WWE has already finalized new deals for "NXT" and "SmackDown," with "NXT" moving to The CW in 2025 and "SmackDown" transitioning to the USA Network. This evolving landscape highlights the dynamic nature of media rights in professional wrestling.

As 2024 progresses, the industry is poised to witness significant shifts, with AEW at the forefront of these changes. Fans and industry observers alike are keenly awaiting further announcements from Khan and AEW, as the promotion continues to solidify its position in the competitive world of sports entertainment.

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