Matt Hardy Reveals His Favorite AEW Storyline


Matt Hardy Reveals His Favorite AEW Storyline
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In the whirlwind of high-octane action that marked AEW World's End 2023, wrestling aficionado Matt Hardy has singled out a specific storyline as his personal favorite. On his podcast "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," the wrestling veteran shed light on why the Adam Copeland versus Christian Cage match captured his imagination more than any other bout on the card.

Hardy, a seasoned figure in the wrestling world, expressed his admiration for the narrative craftsmanship in the Copeland-Cage feud. He particularly lauded the twist at the pay-per-view's climax, where Cage reclaimed the TNT Championship.

Hardy described Cage's transformation into "the ultimate opportunist" as a moment of narrative brilliance, exemplifying the art of storytelling in wrestling. Despite only witnessing the second half of the event, Hardy's enthusiasm was unmistakable.

He lavished praise on the final three bouts, particularly emphasizing the exceptional storytelling displayed in the Copeland-Cage clash. Hardy marveled at how the match concluded, describing it as a masterstroke in narrative delivery.

He noted that this climax kept the audience's attention intensely focused on Cage and the enthralling 'Killswitch' angle, making it a highlight of the evening.

Matt Hardy Praises Storytelling

Beyond this, Hardy gave a nod to the AEW Continental Classic final, highlighting the intense showdown between Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley.

His commentary went beyond mere match analysis, delving into the psychological and entertainment aspects of wrestling. In particular, Hardy appreciated how Adam Copeland's storyline unfolded - triumphing over Christian only to be blindsided by the Killswitch plot twist.

This, Hardy noted, was a perfect example of maintaining heat on a character, in this case, Christian. Hardy's insights offer a unique perspective on AEW World's End 2023, showcasing not just the physical prowess of the wrestlers but the intricate storytelling that forms the backbone of professional wrestling.

As the AEW continues to evolve, it's these storylines, rich in drama and suspense, that keep fans like Hardy and millions worldwide hooked to every move in the ring.

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