Eric Bischoff Comments on Samoa Joe AEW World Title Victory


Eric Bischoff Comments on Samoa Joe AEW World Title Victory
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In a thrilling climax at AEW Worlds End, Samoa Joe triumphantly clinched the AEW World Championship for the first time, earning accolades from industry veteran Eric Bischoff. "Couldn't happen to a better person, couldn't happen to a more talented person," Bischoff remarked on his podcast "Strictly Business," extending his heartfelt congratulations to the new champion.

Bischoff, a seasoned professional wrestling executive, expressed his admiration for Joe's dedication and skill. "Joe is an amazingly talented individual with an astoundingly clear vision," he noted. "Witnessing his success in a field as competitive and challenging as professional wrestling, which is akin to breaking into rock and roll or making it to the NFL, is truly inspiring."

Samoa Joe's Historic Triumph

Samoa Joe's journey in professional wrestling, spanning over two decades since 1999, has been marked by performances across various promotions.

This recent victory not only cements his place in AEW history but also elevates his status to an unprecedented level. Joe's triumph over MJF, who held the longest World title reign in the company's history, is a remarkable achievement.

This victory is especially significant considering Joe's challenging health issues during his tenure with WWE, making his comeback and subsequent success a testament to his resilience and dedication as the "Samoan Submission Machine." Bischoff's connection to Joe dates back to their time in TNA, and he shared his joy in witnessing Joe's perseverance and commitment.

"To see someone like Joe, who has been unwavering in his commitment and has overcome numerous obstacles, reach this pinnacle of success fills me with immense joy," Bischoff said. Samoa Joe's victory not only symbolizes a personal triumph but also adds a fresh chapter to AEW's evolving narrative.

As the promotion continues to grow and attract talent from diverse backgrounds, Joe's championship win serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring wrestlers. This milestone, celebrated by peers like Bischoff, underscores the dynamic and unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, where determination and skill can lead to remarkable achievements.

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