Matt Riddle Possible Wrestling for TNA or AEW


Matt Riddle Possible Wrestling for TNA or AEW
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Former WWE star Matt Riddle, known for his dynamic wrestling style and charismatic presence in the ring, has been exploring new horizons since his departure from WWE last September. After making notable appearances in MLW and NJPW, Riddle opened up about his potential future plans, including the possibility of joining AEW or TNA, during an in-studio signing event with "Signed by Superstars." Riddle's exit from WWE has not dampened his passion for the sport, as he continues to engage with fans and participate in various wrestling promotions.

His recent statement about considering AEW as a potential platform for his talents has sparked interest among wrestling enthusiasts. "Honestly, I felt a lot of the talent, when I got released, were going to try to do that, and I wanted to think outside the box," Riddle explained.

His desire to avoid rushing back into TV matches, which often come with constraints such as commercial breaks and time cuts, has led him to value the creative freedom offered by other wrestling platforms.

TNA Rematch Prospects

In addition to AEW, Riddle expressed interest in TNA, especially after noticing a fan mention TNA star Josh Alexander in the comments.

Recalling a past match with the former TNA/Impact World Heavyweight Champion in Canada, Riddle expressed his eagerness for a rematch. Praising Alexander's improved condition, he anticipated that a future encounter would result in a "stellar performance." Riddle's openness to working with TNA signifies his willingness to explore diverse opportunities within the wrestling world.

Riddle's journey post-WWE has been marked by a search for creative expression and a dedication to his craft. His exploration of various wrestling promotions like New Japan, MLW, and the indies has allowed him to showcase his skills without the constraints of traditional wrestling TV formats.

This flexibility and the pursuit of artistic freedom have become central to his career path. As Riddle navigates the wrestling landscape, his potential involvement with AEW or TNA holds promise for exciting matchups and fresh challenges.

His adaptability and drive to evolve within the industry continue to make him a compelling figure in the world of professional wrestling. Fans and insiders alike will be watching closely to see where this versatile athlete's journey takes him next.

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