Julia Hart Discusses AEW Character Development with Malakai Black's Aid


Julia Hart Discusses AEW Character Development with Malakai Black's Aid

AEW TBS Champion Julia Hart has undergone a dramatic transformation, emerging as one of the most compelling and eerie characters in All Elite Wrestling. This evolution traces back to her alliance with the House of Black in 2022, an association that has significantly shaped her in-ring persona and achievements.

Hart's journey under the tutelage of Malakai Black, the former World Trios Champion, was recently spotlighted during her appearance on "Busted Open Radio," where she shared insights into her character's development. Hart revealed that her collaboration with Black was an exercise in understanding and embodying his vision.

"Malakai wanted me to present what my thought of his concept was and if I understood what he was doing," she explained. Her request to join the House of Black was met with a challenge from Black: to develop a promo that resonated with his concept.

Hart dedicated two weeks to crafting this crucial promo, immersing herself in films to find characters that aligned with Black's expectations. This dedication paid off when Black affirmed her understanding with a simple, approving 'Yep.'

Interestingly, Hart noted that following this, Black provided little further direction, signifying his confidence in her grasp of the character.

Hart Inspires Skye Blue

Hart's transformation has had a ripple effect in AEW.

She has begun mentoring Skye Blue, another popular AEW star who is also exploring a darker side to her character. Hart's influence raises the question of whether Blue might also join the House of Black, a decision that would likely require her to impress Malakai Black with a promo of her own.

As Hart continues to evolve and influence others in AEW, her story presents a fascinating case of character development in professional wrestling. The success she's found since embracing a darker persona under Malakai Black's guidance has not only reshaped her career but also added a new layer of intrigue to AEW's narrative tapestry.

For fans and followers of professional wrestling, Julia Hart's journey from a bright star to a chilling figure in AEW, mentored by the enigmatic Malakai Black, is a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of character building in the wrestling world.

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