Eric Bischoff Slammed by AEW


Eric Bischoff Slammed by AEW

Tony Khan, the president of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently sparked a heated exchange on social media involving WWE and wrestler Jinder Mahal. Khan expressed his frustration over what he perceived as unfair criticism. He pointed out the contrast in reactions to HOOK receiving an AEW World Title match and Jinder Mahal getting a World Heavyweight Title match in WWE, despite Mahal's less-than-stellar win/loss record.

This controversy quickly caught the attention of wrestling personalities and fans alike. Eric Bischoff, a notable figure in the wrestling industry and former WCW executive, soon became part of the narrative. Known for his role in WCW's rivalry with WWE and his sporadic appearances on AEW TV, Bischoff has emerged as one of the most outspoken critics of Khan and AEW.

His involvement escalated the situation as he engaged in a war of words with Khan on social media. Adding to the discussion, FTR (Fear The Revival) members Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler offered their perspectives in a conversation with Jeff Snyder.

Harwood highlighted the positive impact Khan has had on the wrestling industry, providing jobs and income opportunities within AEW and beyond. He criticized certain podcasters, including Bischoff, for consistently undermining Khan and AEW, despite the company's success and contributions to the industry.

Bischoff's AEW Resentment?

Wheeler chimed in, suggesting that Bischoff's negative stance towards Khan might be fueled by personal reasons, notably his failure to secure a permanent position in AEW during his brief appearances.

Harwood further noted that there are critics in the podcasting world who, despite their current negative views, would eagerly accept a job offer from AEW. Eric Bischoff's last significant role in the wrestling world was in 2019 as the Executive Director of WWE's SmackDown, a position he held for four months before being let go.

He has since made occasional appearances on WWE programming and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021. This ongoing saga between Khan, Bischoff, and other wrestling personalities continues to stir discussions and debates among fans and insiders, reflecting the dynamic and often contentious world of professional wrestling.

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