Ricky Starks & Big Bill Retain AEW Titles in Battle of the Belts IX Street Fight


Ricky Starks & Big Bill Retain AEW Titles in Battle of the Belts IX Street Fight
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Last night's "AEW Battle of the Belts IX," held in Norfolk, Virginia, delivered an electrifying opener that set the tone for an unforgettable evening. The spotlight was on the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Big Bill and Ricky Starks, as they squared off against Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara in a much-anticipated Street Fight for the championship belts.

The seeds of this high-stakes encounter were sown last week on "Collision," where Starks and Big Bill threw down the gauntlet, challenging Jericho and Guevara to a no-holds-barred street fight. The challenge was immediately accepted, setting the stage for a clash of titans.

Tensions escalated just three nights ago on "Dynamite," where Starks faced Guevara in a singles match. Guevara emerged victorious, but the win was overshadowed by a chaotic brawl involving all four participants of tonight's main event.

True to the unpredictable nature of street fights, the action commenced unexpectedly in the parking lot, even before the cameras could catch up with the combatants. In a display of unbridled aggression, the wrestlers utilized everything at their disposal – from trash cans to a brick, and even a golf cart.

The brutality reached new heights as Jericho and Guevara delivered a punishing suplex to Big Bill on top of a car.

Backstage Brawl Escalates

The mayhem continued as the fight spilled into the backstage area. Starks, ever the innovator, employed a plunger in his assault on Jericho, who retaliated with a traffic cone and a photocopier.

Guevara, seizing an opportunity, wielded a fire extinguisher to gain the upper hand. Nearly fifteen minutes of relentless action later, the brawl finally made its way into the arena. In a dramatic turn of events, Jericho's attempt to suplex Big Bill through a table was thwarted by Konosuke Takeshita's surprise attack, allowing Big Bill to powerbomb Jericho through the table.

With Jericho incapacitated, Guevara took a high-risk leap off the top of the entranceway, aiming for Starks. However, in a twist of fate, Powerhouse Hobbs intervened, moving Starks out of harm's way and causing Guevara to crash through the stage.

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