Tony Khan Praises Timeless Toni Storm


Tony Khan Praises Timeless Toni Storm
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Tony Khan, the founder of AEW, has been a professional wrestling fan all of his life. In fact, many people blame Tony Khan for running AEW as a fan and not as a boss. Over the years, Tony has watched a number of characters work in the ring.

These days, Tony is the brains behind the characters that we see on AEW today. Although, Tony Khan gives his wrestlers a lot of creative freedom, however, he does create characters from time to time.

Tony Khan Speaks About Toni Storm's New Character And The Uniqueness It Has

Many people believe that Tony is using his professional wrestlers as his personal action figures.

However, that is true as some of the wrestlers have creative control. While talking to Going Ringside, Tony Khan spoke about Toni Storm. Toni Storm has reinvented herself after she left the WWE, a promotion where she wasn’t given enough recognition for her work.

In AEW, she was pushed really hard. Toni was a member of NXT UK, and she rose to popularity due to her looks, charisma and excellent technical wrestling ability. Tony shed light on Toni’s excellent appearance at he media scrum for Worlds End.

"'Timeless' Toni Storm is really an amazing character .... She's unpredictable. She's become one of the all-time personal favorites for me in terms of a pro wrestler and in terms of a character." said Tony Khan. Toni joined AEW in March 2022, after she left the WWE.

She became the AEW Women’s World Champion in September 2022. She changed her gimmick during the fall of last year, and became ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm. It was originally going to be a character that was about a Hollywood starlet trying to make it big.

However, the character has evolved overtime and Toni has found tremendous success in the ring due to it. She is also one of the most unique characters that AEW has produced since it was founded. "What a great star "Timeless" Tony Storm is, who is effectively a silent film star from maybe the 1930s as opposed to now," he said.

"Really throwing back to nearly a hundred years ago a different era. Her character is inspired by some of the real starlets and people who played even these really iconic, and in some cases, even aging movie stars like Gloria Swanson in 'Sunset Boulevard' or Bette Davis in 'All About Eve' Under her new character, Storm regained the AEW Women's title from Hikaru Shida at "Full Gear."

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