Orange Cassidy & Jon Moxley: Similarities Revealed in AEW


Orange Cassidy & Jon Moxley: Similarities Revealed in AEW
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In the high-octane world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Jon Moxley stands as a towering figure, resonating his influence throughout the locker room. His presence is akin to that of an informal leader, a role he shares with industry veterans like Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson.

In this charged environment, Orange Cassidy, an emerging star in his own right, finds inspiration and guidance from Moxley. During a recent interview with Adrian Hernandez, Cassidy opened up about Moxley's profound impact on his career and personal growth.

Moxley, often called "The Purveyor of Violence," is more than just a moniker in AEW; he's a beacon of leadership. In his candid discussion, Cassidy admitted that Moxley's influence is far-reaching within the promotion. "I am too, like Jon Moxley, a person that leads by example.

I saw the example he was setting and thought, 'I want to emulate that.' Trying to be Jon Moxley is impossible, but he's certainly set a standard we all aspire to," Cassidy remarked. The impact of Moxley's mentorship is evident in Cassidy's evolution as a performer.

Acknowledging a transformative shift in his persona and skills, Cassidy credits Moxley for this positive change. Holding up the AEW International Championship, he stated, "I am forever in Moxley's debt for bringing out this version of me – a better version, as evidenced by this title."

Castagnoli Praises Cassidy

Interestingly, the ripple effect of Cassidy's growth has been noticed by his peers, including Claudio Castagnoli.

In a separate interview, Castagnoli admired Cassidy's portrayal as a ' good guy' in the ring, highlighting his entertaining and skillful performance during his feud with Moxley. The clash between Cassidy and Moxley at AEW All Out, in particular, garnered significant attention.

Castagnoli's praise underlines Cassidy's escalating stature within AEW, suggesting that he is rapidly ascending towards the level of respect and recognition that Moxley enjoys backstage. This dynamic relationship between Moxley and Cassidy is not just about mentorship; it's a testament to the transformative power of leadership within professional wrestling.

Moxley's role as an unofficial leader in AEW has become a catalyst for growth and change for himself and rising stars like Cassidy. As Cassidy continues to evolve and carve his niche in AEW, the influence of Jon Moxley's leadership and example remains a pivotal part of his journey.

As AEW continues to thrive as a premier wrestling promotion, the stories of its wrestlers – both in and out of the ring – truly captivate the audience. The tale of Jon Moxley and Orange Cassidy is one such narrative, a blend of competition, respect, and mutual growth that embodies the spirit of professional wrestling.

Fans and industry insiders will be watching closely as Cassidy, under Moxley's tutelage, strides towards new heights in his wrestling career.

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