Eric Bischoff Discusses Mercedes Mone's Potential AEW Move


Eric Bischoff Discusses Mercedes Mone's Potential AEW Move

Eric Bischoff, the renowned former WWE producer and WCW executive, recently shared his insights on the future of Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, on his podcast "83 Weeks". His comments come amid widespread speculation about Mone's next career move following her recovery from an ankle injury last May.

Bischoff candidly admitted to having limited direct knowledge of Mone's situation. "I don't think I've ever had a syllable of conversation with her," he said. Despite this, he shared his perspective based on what he's gathered from various sources, including rumors of Mone's negotiation challenges with WWE.

This information, albeit vague and unverified, hints at possible backstage complications that might affect her decision.

Bischoff on Mone's WWE Potential

Co-host Conrad Thompson raised doubts about the reliability of such second-hand reports, a skepticism Bischoff echoed.

Nonetheless, Bischoff suggested that Mone's greatest potential for success and fame lies within WWE. He pointed out that WWE's recent alignment with Endeavor, one of Hollywood's top talent agencies, could offer Mone significant opportunities.

This partnership, solidified last year, places WWE under Endeavor's expansive umbrella, which also includes the UFC. This could be a pivotal factor in Mone's decision-making process. However, Bischoff didn't rule out the possibility of Mone joining AEW.

He humorously speculated about AEW President Tony Khan's potential to outbid for her services, citing Khan's financial freedom. Bischoff acknowledged that while a move to AEW might be financially lucrative, it could mark the end of her status as a top wrestling star.

He supported this claim by pointing to the careers of other WWE alumni who transitioned to AEW, implying that they failed to replicate their former glory. Bischoff recognized the allure of a higher paycheck, a factor that could heavily influence Mone's choice.

As Mone weighs her options between WWE and AEW, her decision remains a subject of keen interest in the wrestling world. With her talent and fan following, Mercedes Mone's next step is eagerly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike.

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