Ryback on Jon Moxley Getting $500 for Last Show

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Ryback on Jon Moxley Getting $500 for Last Show

Jon Moxley’s most explosive interview revealed a lot about how the WWE worked. Jon spoke about everything that is wrong in the WWE. He also revealed that he made only $500 for his last appearance for the WWE. The WWE had a network special in which he and The Shield had their last match.

This pay was quite low and not many expected that he would have made that much for a special appearance. Ryback, a former WWE Intercontinental Champion spoke about this on his podcast. He revealed that many wrestlers were paid only $500.

"Routinely, they will pay you $500 for a show and not explain it to you and not explain to you that there isn't anything you can do about it. It's the way the system is set up and you don't have a voice or power, or access to numbers," revealed Ryback.

Low pay is an issue for most WWE wrestlers as they know that their careers can end anytime. Due to this, the WWE wrestlers expect to be paid really well. The WWE is the largest wrestling promotion of the world, so is not like they don’t have the money required to pay its wrestlers well.

It is just that they sometimes choose not to and that can frustrate a lot of people. Many wrestlers speak against the WWE after they leave the company.