Rob Van Dam Compares AEW Star to Modern-Day Spike Dudley


Rob Van Dam Compares AEW Star to Modern-Day Spike Dudley
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In a candid revelation on his "1 Of A Kind" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam, renowned for his daredevil escapades in the wrestling arena, has expressed admiration for AEW's former TNT Champion Darby Allin, likening him to a modern-day version of ECW legend Spike Dudley.

Van Dam, a trailblazer in high-risk wrestling maneuvers, highlighted Allin's fearless approach in the ring, noting his willingness to push the limits of physical endurance. "Allin's approach to wrestling is nothing short of breathtaking, and at times, downright nerve-wracking," Van Dam remarked.

He elaborated on Allin's tenacity, particularly during his high-stakes TNT Championship bout with Christian Cage, where Allin was bodyslammed onto steel steps. "It's his unique brand, much like Spike Dudley back in the day.

Allin's highlight reel speaks volumes of his audacity, reminiscent of Dudley's crowd-thrilling chokeslams over the rope."

Van Dam's Reflections

Van Dam, whose own wrestling style was often deemed too hazardous, recalled early warnings he received about the sustainability of his career due to his high-flying, high-risk approach.

"It's ironic, yet somewhat surreal, to find myself expressing similar concerns for someone from the new generation," he admitted. While acknowledging the entertainment value in Allin's performances, Van Dam couldn't help but question the longevity of a career built on such extreme risks.

"It's riveting to watch, but it raises questions about the long-term implications on his career," he said. This insightful comparison by Van Dam is not just a testament to Allin's growing stature in the wrestling world but also a reflection of the evolving nature of the sport, where each generation seems to push the boundaries further.

Van Dam's perspective offers a unique blend of admiration and concern, underscoring the fine line between thrilling audiences and preserving one's career in the high-stakes world of professional wrestling.

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