Samoa Joe Discusses All In Backstage Brawl and CM Punk's Final AEW Match


Samoa Joe Discusses All In Backstage Brawl and CM Punk's Final AEW Match
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In a recent, candid interview with ESPN, AEW World Champion Samoa Joe provided a rare, inside look into the events surrounding CM Punk's last match at All In, held at Wembley Stadium. This match, widely acclaimed as one of the event's highlights, was unfortunately eclipsed by a backstage scuffle involving CM Punk and Jack Perry.

The fallout from this incident was significant, leading to Perry's indefinite suspension and Punk's dismissal from AEW. Reflecting on the altercation, Joe downplayed its significance, stating, "There was a little bit of an incident.

We got it broken up. We went out there and wrestled, man. That's the gist of it." He emphasized the overblown nature of the incident in public discourse, dismissing further discussion as futile unless one was keen on sensationalizing the event.

Joe, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling world, has witnessed numerous locker room confrontations over his career. However, he noted that what set this particular brawl apart was not its intensity but the high-profile nature of the event.

Joe's Professional Focus

Despite the chaos, Joe's primary focus remained on delivering a stellar performance for the fans. "We had a show to do. We had fans waiting out there. And that was my focus," he explained. This commitment to the audience and the event underscored his professionalism amidst challenging circumstances.

When commended for being the calming presence during the chaos, Joe humbly responded, asserting his intent was simply to ensure the event proceeded smoothly. In his bout with Punk, which concluded the night, Punk emerged victorious, retaining the "Real World Championship." The incident and Joe's subsequent remarks highlight the often unpredictable and high-stakes nature of professional wrestling.

His perspective sheds light not only on the specific events of that night at All In but also on the broader challenges faced by athletes in maintaining professionalism in the face of unforeseen backstage controversies. This insight into the world of AEW and its athletes offers a unique glimpse into the dynamics of professional wrestling, blending entertainment with the realities of sportsmanship and on-the-spot crisis management.

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