Ryback on Superstars Changing the WWE

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Ryback on Superstars Changing the WWE

Many superstars over recent years have left the WWE. Most do not leave the company on good terms. They speak against the WWE on social media and on various other platforms. The truth is, most former WWE wrestlers do not believe that the WWE is the best place to work at.

Even though some wrestlers make millions of dollars, the price that they have to pay to get that amount of money is quite high. The problem is that wrestling is not easy and you need to keep your body fit. WWE does not give its wrestlers rest.

Moxley had already debuted for AEW before he spoke with Chris Jericho. That interview is now quite famous. Ryback on his podcast spoke about whether the WWE superstars can actually change the WWE by speaking against it. "I think they're going to have to.

Let's use the women's evolution as an example. That was all Vince McMahon's creation as far as how women were used the entire time," Ryback said of the Divas era and prior. "That was all their fault; they were the ones booking all of that.

Then they realized where we can do this and it'll look really good for us business-wise and can make a lot of money doing this and we will end up being perceived as the heroes in all this situation so it's going to be the same thing”.