Jeff Jarrett Responds to AEW's New COO Appointment

AEW faces significant shifts in its administrative team

by Atia Mukhtar
Jeff Jarrett Responds to AEW's New COO Appointment
© Jeff Jarrett/WWE

In a significant move for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the promotion has announced the appointment of former WWE executive Kosha Irby as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). This strategic decision comes at a time of notable organizational changes within AEW.

The hiring was discussed by WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, currently serving as AEW´s Director of Business Development, on his "My World" podcast. Jarrett expressed his enthusiasm about the addition of Irby, highlighting the critical need for the COO role in AEW´s evolving corporate structure.

"I´m elated," Jarrett stated, acknowledging the necessity of the position in the context of the company´s growth and development. Irby´s experience includes a noteworthy tenure at WWE, where he served as the Regional Director of Live Events from 2011 to 2018.

His most recent role was with the Clemson Tigers, working as the Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director and Chief Marketing Officer.

AEW´s Recent Staff Changes

AEW has experienced a series of administrative shifts recently, marked by the departure of several longstanding team members.

Among those who have left are QT Marshall, Dana Massie (wife of AEW EVP and performer Matt Jackson), and Rafael Morffi. Additionally, Kevin Sullivan, the former VP of Post Production (not to be confused with the wrestler of the same name), was recently dismissed, a decision that reportedly did not sit well within the organization due to Sullivan´s popularity.

In the wake of these changes, AEW´s president Tony Khan has been actively seeking to fill the role of VP of People and Culture, a move seen as an attempt to address ongoing backstage issues. The position remains open and is actively advertised on AEW´s careers page.

These developments reflect AEW´s commitment to strengthening its corporate team and improving organizational culture as the company continues to grow. The introduction of a COO and the search for a VP of People and Culture are indicative of AEW´s proactive approach to enhancing its internal operations and maintaining its competitive edge in the dynamic world of professional wrestling.

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