Nic Nemeth Discusses Potential AEW Move in Exclusive Interview


Nic Nemeth Discusses Potential AEW Move in Exclusive Interview
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Nic Nemeth, widely recognized in the wrestling world, especially for his impressive tenure as Dolph Ziggler in WWE, has recently opened up about his future endeavors in the wrestling industry. After parting ways with WWE in September 2023, following an admirable 19-year journey, Nemeth, at 43, is exploring new horizons.

His post-WWE career has already seen him step into the rings of NJPW and TNA, and he's slated to face Ray Gonzalez at the WWC Euphoria event in Puerto Rico on January 20. Nemeth delved into the possibility of joining AEW, a topic of interest considering his brother Ryan's association with the Jacksonville-based promotion.

However, Nemeth's current focus remains on NJPW and TNA, where he's particularly impressed by the talent. "I am blown away with some of the wrestlers there; it’s not just about the moves, it's their sheer wrestling prowess," he remarked.

Nemeth's eye for talent is not just limited to big names; he's equally attentive to emerging wrestlers who are yet to gain worldwide recognition.

Nemeth Embraces New Challenges

Nemeth's appearance at NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom event on January 4, where he confronted David Finlay, marked a significant moment in his career.

Similarly, his engagement with Moose at TNA's Hard To Kill show on January 13 signaled his readiness to take on new challenges. But for Nemeth, it’s not just about the competition. He is keen on leveraging his vast experience to foster the growth of other wrestlers.

"There are a few in New Japan and several in TNA whom I’ve been watching. I see potential stars in them and want to contribute to their journey while elevating the show's quality," he expressed passionately. His six-month hiatus from wrestling has only fueled his enthusiasm.

"I've been like an accountant with numbers, figuring out how to enhance TNA's impact even by one percent," he said, reflecting his strategic approach to making a difference in the wrestling world. Nemeth’s physical fitness and enduring passion for wrestling paint a promising picture for his future.

"I feel fantastic and am in the best shape of my life. Having missed only three TV events in 20 years, I believe I can continue wrestling for many more years," he confidently stated. Nemeth's last WWE match, a brief but memorable encounter with JD McDonagh on RAW's May 29, 2023, episode, might have marked the end of an era, but clearly, it's just the beginning of a new, exciting chapter in his illustrious wrestling career.