Exclusive: WWE Veteran Shares Unique Booking Idea for Mercedes Moné's AEW Debut


Exclusive: WWE Veteran Shares Unique Booking Idea for Mercedes Moné's AEW Debut
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AEW's CEO Tony Khan is reportedly leading the race to sign wrestling superstar Mercedes Moné, creating a buzz in the wrestling community. As speculation grows about Moné's potential move to All Elite Wrestling, wrestling industry veteran and former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo shared his unique vision for her debut in AEW.

Mercedes Moné, previously known as Sasha Banks in WWE, left the Stamford-based company in 2022 and has since been making waves in the international wrestling scene, showcasing her skills in prominent Japanese promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling and STARDOM.

Her status as a top free agent has sparked interest from both WWE and AEW.

Russo's Debut Strategy

Russo, known for his creative approach in the wrestling world, emphasized the importance of building anticipation for a star of Moné's caliber.

He advocates for a strategic approach, saying, "Bro, when you have a big star coming in, or somebody returning from a serious injury, you've got to set the table for them." According to Russo, this involves crafting a storyline weeks in advance to maximize the impact of their debut.

This strategy, he notes, is often overlooked in modern wrestling promotions. Russo's plan would involve keeping Moné off-screen for at least four weeks, during which a compelling narrative would be developed, setting her up as either a babyface or a heel.

He believes this method would ensure a powerful audience reaction upon her arrival, something he claims is rare in current wrestling booking practices. In a related discussion, AEW star Ricky Starks commented on the possibility of Moné joining AEW.

In an interview with Gabby AF, Starks expressed interest in teaming up with Moné, confidently stating that she wouldn't be able to defeat him in a match. This interplay adds another layer to the anticipation surrounding Moné's potential AEW debut.

Moné's entry into AEW could open doors to a plethora of new and exciting matchups, given the diverse talent roster in All Elite Wrestling. Fans are eagerly waiting to see if Moné will bring her unique flair to AEW or make a return to WWE, each option promising a fresh chapter in her illustrious wrestling career.

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