Kenny Omega's Health Improves: AEW Return Date Still Pending


Kenny Omega's Health Improves: AEW Return Date Still Pending
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Kenny Omega's health condition has been a topic of concern among wrestling fans since his diagnosis of diverticulitis in December 2023. This ailment, which affects the large intestine and can result in severe abdominal pain, has previously afflicted notable WWE superstars like Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon.

While it can be a serious condition, there is now a positive update on Kenny Omega's road to recovery. According to recent reports shared on Wrestling Observer Radio by Bryan Alvarez, Kenny Omega is currently undergoing treatment with antibiotics, and the results have been promising.

The antibiotics are reportedly effective, raising hopes that Omega may not require surgery, which is a common route of treatment for diverticulitis. Alvarez noted that Omega's overall condition has improved significantly, offering optimism for a full recovery.

Omega's Surgery Decision Pending

Nevertheless, a decision on whether Kenny Omega will eventually need surgery will not be made for at least seven weeks. During this period, Omega must allow his body to heal and doctors to assess whether surgery is necessary.

This means that Kenny Omega will likely remain sidelined until at least April, with his return date hinging on his health progress. AEW, being cautious about their star performer, is eyeing their major event, AEW ALL IN: London, scheduled for August.

They may set this event as a target for Omega's comeback to ensure that all their top stars are in peak condition for the show at Wembley Stadium. Comparisons have been drawn to Brock Lesnar's recovery from diverticulitis, where surgery played a crucial role in his healing process.

If Kenny Omega decides to undergo surgery at the end of March, following a similar trajectory as Lesnar, he might not be fully recovered until November. Nevertheless, AEW fans can rest assured that he remains under contract until Summer 2027, indicating a long-term commitment to the promotion.

As the wrestling world eagerly awaits updates on Kenny Omega's condition, the positive news regarding his response to antibiotic treatment provides hope that he will be back in action, possibly in time for AEW's marquee event in August. The wrestling community wishes Kenny Omega a speedy and successful recovery.

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