Daniel Garcia Shares His Top Priority in Wrestling


Daniel Garcia Shares His Top Priority in Wrestling
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Emerging as a promising talent in the world of professional wrestling, Daniel Garcia has made a significant mark in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since his debut. Known for his electrifying performances and dedication, Garcia has quickly become a notable figure backstage, garnering respect and support from many of AEW's top wrestlers.

In a candid conversation with Adrian Hernandez, Garcia shared his aspirations and goals within the promotion, revealing a focused mindset towards his future in AEW. With his contract set to expire this year, Garcia is more determined than ever to establish himself as a mainstay in the wrestling world.

"I've said this in many interviews, my contract is up this year so my number one focus is just earning another contract and showing that I am somebody that can be built around and somebody that can be fully invested in as a top guy.

That's my number one priority," Garcia expressed. This determination stems not just from his passion for the sport but also from his ambition to be recognized as a central figure in AEW. Beyond securing a new contract, Garcia's ambitions reach the coveted heights of championship glory.

He believes that winning a title is the quintessential way to cement his status as a top wrestler. "My priority outside of that? Is what a better way to show that you can be a top guy than by winning a title? And I would love-love-love to win some singles gold in AEW and you know, having some gold makes the DMs a lot easier," Garcia stated with a blend of humor and seriousness.

This goal not only reflects his competitive spirit but also highlights his desire to leave a lasting impact in AEW.

Garcia's Career Milestone Highlight

Reflecting on his journey so far, Garcia recalled his highlight moment - the "AEW Dynamite" main event clash with Jon Moxley in 2022 at the LA Forum.

This match, according to Garcia, not only showcased his in-ring capabilities but also solidified his place as a performer capable of headlining major events. Garcia also hinted at significant behind-the-scenes developments with fellow wrestler Isiah, although he chose to keep the details private.

Garcia's unwavering focus and clear goals position him as a wrestler to watch in the coming months. With his contract renewal on the horizon and his eyes set on championship gold, Daniel Garcia is undoubtedly shaping up to be a key player in AEW's future.