AEW Major Signings: Mercedes Mone and Kazuchika Okada Arrival


AEW Major Signings: Mercedes Mone and Kazuchika Okada Arrival
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AEW, the Jacksonville-based wrestling company, appears to be on the cusp of securing two major signings that have sent shockwaves through the wrestling world. After weeks and months of swirling rumors, it seems that Mercedes Mone and Kazuchika Okada are poised to make their way to AEW, with discussions already underway regarding their highly anticipated debuts.

The wrestling community was sent into a frenzy when a tweet from the reputable Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON) hinted at the imminent arrival of these two talented performers. According to WON, AEW is actively preparing for the potential signings of Kazuchika Okada and Mercedes Mone, with both wrestlers set to make their presence felt in a big way.

For Mercedes Mone, who formerly graced the WWE ring under the persona of Sasha Banks, the speculation started when she was spotted in the audience at AEW's All In event in 2023. Mone's wrestling journey began in 2010, and she eventually inked a deal with WWE in 2012, initially plying her trade in the NXT brand.

With five RAW Women's Championship reigns to her name, she also made history by becoming the first woman to headline a WWE Premium Live Event alongside Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell in 2016. It appears that AEW is planning to make her debut a monumental affair, and an official announcement regarding her arrival may be on the horizon.

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On the other hand, Kazuchika Okada, a five-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and a veteran of Japanese wrestling since his debut in 2006, has been making waves in the wrestling world. Despite being under contract with NJPW until 2024, Okada made a surprise appearance in the Tony Khan-owned AEW during a Dynamite episode in 2022.

His potential arrival in AEW has fans buzzing with excitement, as he is considered a prime candidate for creating electrifying feuds with AEW's top talent. While the exact dates of their debuts remain uncertain, speculations suggest that Kazuchika Okada could make his AEW debut around the time of AEW's Revolution event in Greensboro.

As for Mercedes Mone, her hiatus from the wrestling world due to acting endeavors has only fueled the anticipation surrounding her grand entrance into the AEW universe.

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