Konnan Reveals Adam Copeland's AEW Freedom Compared to WWE Restrictions


Konnan Reveals Adam Copeland's AEW Freedom Compared to WWE Restrictions
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Wrestling icon Konnan recently shared insights on Adam Copeland's transition from WWE to AEW, highlighting the newfound freedoms he enjoys in the Jacksonville-based promotion. In a candid conversation on his popular podcast, "Keepin' It 100 OFFICIAL," Konnan delved into the differences between Copeland's experiences in both wrestling worlds.

In October 2023, the wrestling community buzzed with excitement as Adam Copeland, a revered figure and former WWE Champion, made a high-impact debut at AEW's WrestleDream event. His unexpected arrival saw him coming to the aid of Darby Allin and Sting, thwarting an onslaught led by Christian Cage, Nick Wayne, and Killswitch.

This pivotal moment set the stage for a riveting storyline, pitting Copeland against Christian Cage in a battle for the coveted TNT Title.

Dramatic Title Upset at Worlds End

The rivalry reached its zenith at the Worlds End PPV, where Copeland, known as "The Rated R Superstar," triumphed over Cage, his real-life friend, to clinch the TNT Championship.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, Killswitch exercised his right to a title shot, nearly seizing the championship after delivering a series of punishing Chokeslams to Copeland. Amidst this chaos, Christian Cage stepped in, whispering to Killswitch, who then surprisingly conceded his opportunity.

Cage swiftly capitalized, spearing Copeland and reclaiming the title in a stunning upset. Reflecting on Copeland's journey in AEW, Konnan pointed out the creative liberties afforded to him, which starkly contrast his WWE tenure.

"Somebody told me that he had to leave a show early and make it to a midnight flight, something they wouldn't allow him to do in the WWE," Konnan remarked on his podcast, underscoring the differences in operational dynamics between the two wrestling promotions.

Despite a strong start with the Christian Cage rivalry, Konnan observed that Copeland's current standing in AEW seems somewhat diminished. "So he came in and did the thing with Christian, which is what he should've done. That was pretty good while it lasted, but now I look at him as just another guy," Konnan added, hinting at the evolving landscape of AEW's talent roster.

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