Dustin Rhodes Reveals Insights on AEW Locker Room


Dustin Rhodes Reveals Insights on AEW Locker Room
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Dustin Rhodes, a seasoned wrestling veteran, has been a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) since the summer of 2019. During a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion opened up about his role in mentoring younger talent within Tony Khan's AEW promotion.

When asked about his involvement in guiding emerging talent, Rhodes expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, stating, "I feel very honored when somebody comes up and asks me, 'Hey, Dustin, can you watch my match?' Or, 'Can you pick this apart for me? What did I do?' That kind of thing." With decades of experience under his belt, Rhodes takes pride in being able to provide valuable insights and advice to the aspiring stars of AEW.

Youthful Camaraderie Strengthens AEW

Rhodes also emphasized his deep admiration for the younger generation of wrestlers, affectionately referring to them as "the kids." He recognized their remarkable accomplishments and welcomed their acceptance, saying, "They're doing some awesome things, and I think they've just kind of taken me as one of them." This camaraderie within the AEW locker room has created a sense of unity and teamwork, enabling the talent to come together and create magic in the ring.

Highlighting the importance of mentorship, Rhodes made it clear that he is more than willing to assist emerging talents with developing their characters and refining their in-ring skills. For him, the ultimate satisfaction comes when a wrestler applies his guidance and experiences success.

Rhodes believes in the potential of AEW's young roster, acknowledging that professional wrestling is a "young man's game," and these rising stars are the future of the industry. Notably, Rhodes recently challenged Christian Cage for the TNT Championship on the January 17 episode of "AEW Dynamite." His commitment to helping the younger generation extends beyond the ring, as he mentioned that he dedicates time each week to training the women's division.

Rhodes has witnessed the growth of performers like Nyla Rose over the past few years, underscoring the nurturing environment and continuous improvement within AEW.

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