Tony Khan Reveals New AEW Rankings with Surprises


Tony Khan Reveals New AEW Rankings with Surprises
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Tony Khan, the President and CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has recently unveiled the latest official rankings for the federation's wrestlers as of early February 2024, introducing some unexpected names into the top five echelons.

The ranking system, initially launched with AEW's inception in 2019, was designed to identify credible title challengers but faced skepticism over its relevance, leading to its temporary discontinuation. Due to popular demand from the fanbase, Khan has now reinstated the rankings, sparking renewed interest and speculation among followers of the sport.

As the January 2024 rankings were disclosed, familiar faces such as Swerve Strickland, Hangman Page, Adam Copeland, and Jon Moxley secured their spots in the men's singles rankings. However, the inclusion of Roderick Strong among the top five came as a surprise to many.

In the tag team division, the iconic duo of Sting and Darby Allin claimed the top position, with John Silver and Alex Reynolds making an unexpected entry into the top five, shaking up the predictions. The women's division saw Deonna Purazzo and Thunder Rosa leading the rankings, while in the trios' category, Bullet Club Gold took the prime spot, with The Hardys and Mark Briscoe making a surprising ascent to the second position.

Top Contenders Clash

In an exciting development, Swerve Strickland and Hangman Page, the top two contenders in the rankings, showcased their prowess on this week's Dynamite. They are poised for a high-stakes match on the upcoming episode of Dynamite, contending for a shot at the AEW World Champion title, currently held by Samoa Joe, as officially announced by Tony Khan.

Moreover, Sting and Darby Allin, who lead the tag team rankings, are scheduled to challenge the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions, Ricky Starks and Big Bill, for their titles in the next Dynamite episode. The reintroduction of the rankings system has injected a fresh, sports-oriented dynamic into AEW, heightening anticipation for future matches and potentially reshaping the competitive landscape in the weeks to come.

Fans and followers are eagerly watching as the drama unfolds, with the updated rankings promising intense rivalry and thrilling encounters in the AEW arena.

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