Konnan Praises AEW's Leading Star


Konnan Praises AEW's Leading Star
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, few voices carry as much candid authority as former WCW luminary, Konnan. Known for his forthright opinions and unwavering authenticity, Konnan has been a vocal critic of major wrestling promotions like WWE and AEW, despite his current affiliation with AAA in a creative capacity.

Yet, amidst his critiques, Konnan has acknowledged the undeniable ascent of Eddie Kingston within the AEW ranks, a sentiment widely echoed by the wrestling community.

Kingston's Unique Appeal

During a recent episode of his 'K100' podcast, Konnan engaged with a listener's inquiry regarding Kingston's remarkable trajectory in AEW, particularly noting Kingston's less conventional physical appearance for a wrestler at his level.

Konnan conceded his preference for wrestlers with more traditional athletic builds but was quick to emphasize that Eddie Kingston brings a unique blend of qualities to the table. He highlighted Kingston's profound connection with the audience, attributing it to his authentic and distinctive promo style that sets him apart from the norm.

"He's super over with the fans," Konnan remarked, praising Kingston's ability to deliver promos that resonate deeply with wrestling enthusiasts, steering clear of the typical wrestling rhetoric. Drawing parallels to wrestling royalty, Konnan cited Dusty Rhodes, his personal wrestling hero, to underscore the point that the essence of a wrestler's appeal extends beyond their physique.

He reflected on the industry's history of embracing talent like Rhodes, who, despite not fitting the stereotypical wrestler's mold, left an indelible mark on the sport through charisma, skill, and an unparalleled connection with the audience.

Konnan's acknowledgment of Kingston's prowess comes at a pivotal moment as Kingston gears up for a highly anticipated match against Bryan Keith on "AEW Collision." Keith, dubbed 'The Bounty Hunter,' has rapidly gained traction among AEW fans, thanks to his compelling performances.

This upcoming bout not only highlights Kingston's ongoing relevance in the wrestling world but also serves as a testament to AEW's commitment to showcasing diverse talents, each bringing their unique flair to the squared circle.

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