AEW Star Comments on McMahon Allegations, Foresees Potential Damage to WWE Legacy


AEW Star Comments on McMahon Allegations, Foresees Potential Damage to WWE Legacy
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AEW's celebrated star, Matt Hardy, recently weighed in on the controversial allegations surrounding former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. In a candid discussion with Jon Alba on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy expressed his dismay over the accusations against McMahon, particularly focusing on their potential impact on WWE's esteemed legacy.

The lawsuit filed by Janel Grant against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis, alleging s*x trafficking among other charges, has stirred the wrestling world. McMahon's subsequent resignation from his roles at WWE adds a dramatic turn to the unfolding saga.

While McMahon has denied any wrongdoing, the case continues to attract significant attention.

Hardy Reflects on McMahon Saga

Hardy, known for his tenure in WWE and his remarkable contribution to the wrestling industry, highlighted the gravity of the situation.

"It's shocking and sad," Hardy remarked, emphasizing his past professional relationship with McMahon. He expressed his initial hopes for McMahon to retire gracefully, but acknowledged that these allegations, if proven true, could severely damage both McMahon's personal legacy and the WWE brand.

In the ring, Matt Hardy, alongside his brother Jeff, has been a staple in the high-flying, risk-taking style of wrestling. However, in a significant shift, the AEW star announced his decision to avoid dangerous stunts in the future.

This change comes after a series of high-profile, perilous spots, including a concerning fall at AEW All Out 2020. Hardy, now 49, prioritizes his health and family over the thrill of risky maneuvers. "I’m more of an entertainer now," he explained, emphasizing his role as a father and his desire to be present for his children.

His new approach to wrestling aims to deliver quality performances without compromising his safety. This development marks a new chapter for Hardy, who has consistently captivated audiences with his daring in-ring antics. His decision reflects a growing awareness among wrestlers of the long-term effects of their profession on their health and personal lives.

As Hardy adapts his style, fans can expect the same level of entertainment, albeit with a renewed focus on safety and longevity in the sport.

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