Jeff Jarrett Speaks About Sting’s Retirement Match


Jeff Jarrett Speaks About Sting’s Retirement Match
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Sting is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time. After his short run in the WWE, which came to an abrupt end due to a neck injury, Sting joined AEW. In AEW, he got the respect and recognition that he never got while he was working in the WWE.

In fact, many people believe that WWE booked him extremely badly, and even made him work with Seth Rollins, who was at that time notorious for being a little bit too stiff with wrestlers.

Jeff Jarett Speaks About Sting's Last Match that is only about a month away

Sting has to retire in 2015, as he suffered a bad neck injury.

But for some reason, he managed to make a comeback and has been taking huge bumps since his return. He didn’t return to WWE and let his contract with them expire. He then made a surprise appearance in AEW during the pandemic era.

We originally though that he would only be working in cinematic matches. However, Darby Allin convinced him to start wrestling after Darby found out that Sting could still wrestle quite well, even though Sting had a bad neck at the time.

Jeff Jarrett, who is also a professional wrestling legend, spoke about Sting’s final match, which will take place at AEW Revolution in 2024. Jeff has fought Sting a number of times, during his time in TNA. Jeff currently works for AEW and he spoke about Sting on the ‘My World’ podcast.

"I'm really happy for Steve Borden," Jarrett said. "The career that he's had, it is amazing. You just kind of think about the journey and how it's ending in Greensboro." Jeff went on to stay that Sting deserves to go out on his own terms.

Sting was forced to retire in 2015, and he returned to professional wrestling in 2020 at AEW. He quickly formed an alliance with Darby Allin, who was the TNT champion at the time. Since then, the pair have fought 27 times, at the time of writing this and have not lost a single tag match.

They are set to challenge the AEW World Tag Champions next week. According to Jeff, Sting is the same person both on and off screen, and deserves the respect and love that he gets. "Onscreen and off, Steve always stayed true to Steve," Jarrett said.

"So I just couldn't be happier for the guy that he's getting to go out in this kind of manner, and he's definitely getting his flowers."

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