Tony Khan May Announce Ex-WWE Star on AEW Dynamite


Tony Khan May Announce Ex-WWE Star on AEW Dynamite
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Tony Khan is poised to make waves in the wrestling world with an eagerly anticipated announcement on this week's episode of AEW Dynamite. Speculation is rife among fans globally, pondering the nature of this significant revelation.

At the heart of these rumors is the potential signing of former WWE Superstar, Mercedes Moné, a name that has been circulating in wrestling circles for some time. Despite ongoing discussions, Moné has not yet inked a deal with AEW, leaving the wrestling community abuzz with speculation about her next move.

Moné, previously known as Sasha Banks in WWE, has established herself as one of the industry's most sought-after free agents. Her departure from WWE in 2022, amid creative disagreements while holding the Women's Tag Team Championship, only fueled her marketability.

Moné's AEW Impact

The integration of Moné into AEW's ranks could herald a new era for the promotion's women's division, which has been the focus of recent developmental efforts. Wrestling aficionados are eager for the potential matchups that could ensue, with Moné possibly facing off against AEW's leading ladies like Toni Storm, Britt Baker, and Saraya, promising a series of captivating feuds.

Tony Khan, AEW's President, has consistently delivered top-notch wrestling content. However, concerns have been raised about the promotion's ticket sales and overall attendance. Conversations on "Keepin' It 100 Official" highlighted these issues, with WCW veteran Inferno critiquing Khan's approach to marketing and audience expansion.

According to Inferno, the focus should be on attracting casual fans to sustain growth and profitability, a strategy he believes AEW has overlooked. As the wrestling community awaits Tony Khan's announcement, the potential signing of Mercedes Moné remains a topic.

Her arrival could not only elevate AEW's women's division but also reinvigorate interest and boost attendance, addressing some of the challenges the promotion currently faces.

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