Tony Schiavone Critiques Tony Khan's AEW Promotion Strategy


Tony Schiavone Critiques Tony Khan's AEW Promotion Strategy
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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), President Tony Khan's innovative promotional tactics have stirred a blend of excitement and debate among fans and insiders alike. Khan, known for his enthusiastic approach to engaging the audience, often takes to social media to unveil the line-ups for upcoming shows or shares insights in local market interviews, always ensuring a few matches are set to build anticipation for the next big event.

Yet, not everyone within the AEW fold is entirely onboard with this strategy, as veteran commentator Tony Schiavone recently expressed on his podcast, "What Happened When?"

Schiavone Questions Strategy

Schiavone, whose voice has become synonymous with wrestling's most electrifying moments, raised a thoughtful point regarding Khan's penchant for disclosing full event cards well in advance.

"Tony wants to announce a lot of the matches," he remarked, hinting at a possible overreach in the promotional efforts. "I'm not so sure I always agree with that. Sure, for a colossal match, something unprecedented, absolutely.

But sometimes, it feels like we might be revealing too much. However, that's Tony's approach, and we're all in," Schiavone added, highlighting a respectful divergence of opinion within AEW's ranks. This conversation was sparked by a question from AEW talent Ethan Page, who was curious about how much fans knew before tuning into an episode of "Nitro" during the 1990s, a period when Schiavone was a prominent figure in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Schiavone's response painted a picture of a bygone era where surprises were the norm, and fans had little to no inkling of the matches they were about to witness. The contrast with today's approach is stark. Khan's strategy often involves announcing an entire show's lineup ahead of time, a tactic that has its roots in today's digital age where information is perpetually at our fingertips.

For instance, fans are already buzzing about tonight's "Dynamite" episode, featuring high-stakes matches like Swerve Strickland versus Hangman Page, Sting and Darby Allin taking on Ricky Starks and Big Bill for the AEW Tag Team Championships, and a showcase involving stars from the Mexican promotion CMLL against the Blackpool Combat Club.

As AEW continues to evolve, the balance between preserving the element of surprise and leveraging modern promotional tools remains a topic of discussion. Schiavone's candid reflections offer a glimpse into the nuanced decision-making that shapes the wrestling world's ever-changing landscape, underscoring the diverse perspectives that contribute to AEW's vibrant tapestry.

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