Conrad Thompson Unveils Scrapped AEW Recurring Role Plans


Conrad Thompson Unveils Scrapped AEW Recurring Role Plans
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In a recent episode of his podcast, "Ask Conrad Live" on, Conrad Thompson dropped a fascinating revelation about his almost involvement in AEW's initial days. It seems that Conrad Thompson nearly landed a recurring segment on AEW programming, akin to Jim Ross' backstage interviews in WWE, dubbed "Conrad's Corner." Conrad Thompson disclosed that during AEW's infancy, there were discussions about introducing a backstage interview segment featuring him.

He envisioned it to be similar to Jim Ross' sit-down interviews but with his own twist. However, the idea never came to fruition, primarily due to Bruce Prichard's return to WWE, coinciding with AEW's inception in January and Prichard's departure in February.

Missed Opportunity Due to Timing

Explaining further, Conrad Thompson revealed that the segment would have been an extension of his podcast persona but with a more in-character performance. However, the timing didn't align, as Prichard's return to WWE would have potentially conflicted with Thompson's involvement with AEW.

Despite the setback, Conrad Thompson's association with AEW runs deep. He has been involved since the early AEW press events in 2009 and has collaborated with the company for the Starrcast conventions. Although there were hopes for a Starrcast event in the UK during ALL IN weekend, Conrad Thompson mentioned that AEW has other plans for that timeframe.

Conrad Thompson's impact on the wrestling scene cannot be overstated, and his ongoing contributions continue to shape the industry. Fans have expressed interest in his involvement through social media, with Conrad Thompson acknowledging the enthusiasm but indicating AEW's current commitments.

Conrad Thompson's revelation adds another layer to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of AEW's formative years. Despite the missed opportunity, his close ties with the company underscore his significance within the wrestling community.

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