Swerve Strickland on Engaging AEW Fans with His Character


Swerve Strickland on Engaging AEW Fans with His Character
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In a world that races on high-octane energy in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Swerve Strickland speaks up as a performer who managed to take over the audience, coming from a dark, evil character side. Most recently, Strickland offered insight to 'Busted Open Radio' into his journey in AEW and his method to his magnetic persona.

His unique approach to shaping the character is what has become the talk of the town for AEW fans, throwing up the question—'Whose house?' with a resounding answer—'Swerve's house. Strickland said creating a clear aura was important, one that sets him apart in AEW and the overall wrestling scene.

"I had to create an aura, a look, and most importantly a feel," he said. "And that feel was fear, the feel I got watching wrestling years ago, and it's something I think this generation hasn't truly experienced before." His approach is about paying respect to the wrestling world and specific elements which touch a chord with the crowd.

Strickland's Fear Tactics

The wrestler chalked it up to tapping into a primal emotion: fear. He detailed some of his most controversial acts on AEW TV: kidnapping Billy Gunn, threatening physical harm to Nick Wayne, and even breaking into the home of "Hangman" Page.

The actions learnt in horror movies had been very carefully chosen as they were predominantly based on some practical occurrences rather than supernatural. Strickland said he was rather into films like "Hostel," who was really bringing out the real visceral kind of sense of discomfort, that feeling in your gut, and the body, where he said, "It's about creating a fear that feels real, that could actually happen." The way he develops characters brings out the complex art of wrestling entertainment.

His capacity to produce intense feelings in the audience, fear most of all, proves that the wrestler knows how to tell stories and how to portray characters in the industry of wrestling. He clearly outlines how the wrestlers are able to appeal to the audience not just through physical savagery but emotionally arousing stories.

And the innovative ways in which Strickland continues to make waves in the AEW scene is simply the hallmark to his skills within and outside the squared circle.

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