AEW Star Toni Storm Criticizes Deonna Purrazzo in 'Timeless' Tirade


AEW Star Toni Storm Criticizes Deonna Purrazzo in 'Timeless' Tirade
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In what would be a highly anticipated showdown, AEW Women’s World Champion "Timeless" Toni Storm will defend her title against "The Virtuosa" Deonna Purrazzo at the AEW Revolution event. This culminates a bitter rivalry involving two of wrestling’s best female fighters boasting a tangled and long-standing history.

Storm was a guest on "Talk is Jericho," and she certainly did not mince words when it came to her feelings towards Purrazzo. Going through their fond memories together from the times of old, when they were friends and even rivals, Storm described it as a bitter-sweet experience.

"That whore," she started, underlining how their relationship has now turned from being close buddies into mortal enemies. The champion remembered their times in Japan, living and training together, but specified how paths separate and successes change over time.

Storm Confronts Purrazzo

The tension would bubble to a head, with Purrazzo coming to AEW and Storm blasting her for going on the bandwagon of their past friendship to take a shortcut to a title shot. "I have had many friends in this business, all of them less talented than me," Storm pronounced, keying her confidence in and dismissing any notion of Purrazzo being an equal threat.

Storm's track record against Purrazzo is more intriguing. Storm has gone undefeated in the past against "The Virtuosa," where some of those victories were for STARDOM and even the WWE's "NXT UK" brand. In wrestling, however, victory in the past does not guarantee further success, but it must be watched for their fight at AEW Revolution.

This bout is more than just a title defense; it's a clash of two distinct paths within the wrestling world. As Storm and Purrazzo prepare to square off, fans can be excited notjsonly for a high-quality wrestling match but the next installment in a story that blends friendship, rivalry, and the pursuit of wrestling supremacy. All eyes will be on AEW Revolution next month, as these two wrestlers write the latest page in their storied history.

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