Orange Cassidy & Tony Schiavone Laud Sting Impact on AEW


Orange Cassidy & Tony Schiavone Laud Sting Impact on AEW
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As the AEW Revolution pay-per-view on March 3 looms on the horizon, the wrestling world is abuzz with speculation that it might mark the legendary Sting's final appearance in the ring. The revered WWE Hall of Famer, who recently clinched his inaugural championship in AEW alongside Darby Allin, stands on the cusp of retirement with an immaculate 28-0 record.

In a revealing conversation with Conrad Thompson on the "What Happened When?" podcast, AEW's esteemed commentator Tony Schiavone expressed his desire for Sting to conclude his illustrious career undefeated. Schiavone went further, envisioning an iconic finale for "The Icon," involving Sting's signature moves - the Stinger Splash, Scorpion Death Drop, and Scorpion Death Lock - to secure a victory in his last match.

"It would be monumental, irrespective of the opponent," Schiavone remarked, underscoring the significance of such a climax.

Sting's Backstage Impact

Beyond his in-ring prowess, Sting's influence extends backstage, enhancing AEW's environment.

AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy, also present on the podcast, lauded Sting as a paragon of virtue, emphasizing his positive impact on the locker room's morale. "Sting exemplifies greatness, not just as a wrestler but as a human being, enriching our collective spirit," Cassidy stated.

Echoing Cassidy's sentiments, Schiavone highlighted Sting's role as a guiding force within AEW, a trait highly valued by AEW President Tony Khan. "Sting's daredevil feats at his age are astonishing, but it's his leadership and integrity that truly justify his presence in AEW," Schiavone added, shedding light on Khan's rationale for bringing Sting on board.

While speculation swirls around The Young Bucks potentially being Sting's last adversaries, an official confirmation remains pending. As the wrestling community awaits this historic moment, the anticipation for what could be a fitting swan song for Sting at AEW Revolution continues to build, promising an unforgettable chapter in wrestling history.

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