Young Bucks to Vie for Tag Titles at AEW Revolution, Sting's Farewell Bout

AEW Drama Intensifies with Young Bucks' Bold Move.

by Atia Mukhtar
Young Bucks to Vie for Tag Titles at AEW Revolution, Sting's Farewell Bout
© Young Bucks/Twitter

In the high-stakes world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), The Young Bucks, consisting of Matthew and Nicholas Jackson, have cemented their status as the top contenders for the AEW Tag Team Championships. This declaration came on the heels of their victory over Top Flight during an electrifying "AEW Dynamite" episode.

The announcement was made in a post-match interview conducted by Tony Schiavone, who found himself in the crosshairs of the EVPs' ambitious proclamation. The Jackson brothers, leveraging their undefeated streak this year, made it clear to Schiavone—and to the AEW audience—that they are the rightful number one contenders.

The situation escalated when Darby Allin intervened, saving Schiavone from a potential assault by The Bucks, leading to the official confirmation of the championship match at the upcoming "Revolution" event.

Bucks' Power Play Escalates

However, The Young Bucks' assertion of dominance didn't end with their claim to the titles.

They took the opportunity to reprimand Schiavone, imposing a fine for what they perceived as a "breach of contract" due to his commentary. The tension reached a peak when they almost executed the EVP Trigger on Schiavone, only to be stopped by Allin's timely intervention.

Allin's confrontation with The Bucks was more than a mere save; it was a poignant reminder of AEW's foundational promise to "change the world." He shared his personal struggle to secure a position in AEW, contrasting it with the ease with which The Bucks' allies were hired.

Allin's gratitude was directed towards an unnamed EVP, who he credited with his inclusion in AEW, making it clear that he wasn't referring to Kenny Omega. As the "Revolution" match looms, Allin issued a stark warning to The Young Bucks, hinting that they might have underestimated the gravity of facing Sting in what is being billed as the final match of his legendary career, spanning nearly four decades.

With the iconic "It's showtime!" Allin underscored the significance of this bout, not just for Sting, but for the legacy of professional wrestling itself. As anticipation builds, the wrestling community is abuzz, awaiting what promises to be a historic showdown at AEW Revolution.

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