Tay Melo Shares Photo with Prominent Wrestler, Excluding Sammy Guevara

Jeff Hardy faces unexpected injury during AEW Rampage match

by Atia Mukhtar
Tay Melo Shares Photo with Prominent Wrestler, Excluding Sammy Guevara
© Tay Melo/Wikipedia

High-flying action and dramatic storylines still continue to captivate audiences with professional wrestling, and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is no exception to this norm. This is due to an incident surrounding a personality of AEW, Sammy Guevara, and another wrestler called Jeff Hardy, to have garnered coverage.

He was set to be involved in a match on "AEW Rampage" when something awful and unforeseen occurred: during the execution of a high-impact maneuver, Hardy broke his nose. Wife of Sammy Guevara, Tay Melo, shares a tender moment with the wrestler off-air on social media.

She posted a lovely picture of herself with Jeff Hardy, captioning it as "One of the coolest wrestlers in the whole world (after dada of course). Let's go #AEWRampage." The picture, resonating of both professional warmth and personal affection, also captured Melo's firstborn, Luna Melo Guevara, who was born in November 2023.

Hardy's In-Ring Mishap

This backstage moment was followed by a scaring incident during the pre-taped "Rampage" match. When Guevara went for a Shooting Star Press from the top rope, Hardy decided to protect himself by getting his knees up.

However, a miscalculation resulted in Guevara's leg landing accidentally on Hardy's head, who in turn hit it on the canvas. Initially, it was assumed that Hardy had sustained a concussion, but later it was determined that he had broken his nose.

It was not the first health scare for Hardy, who was last under the knife to fix a disturbing double vision problem that he said was his biggest challenge of 2023. His resilience and commitment to overcoming such challenges have further driven him to become one of the most respected figures in professional wrestling.

It really does make this a day of remembering just how much Hardy must have been through and that it could have been so much worse, with wrestling fans now holding their breath for the latest news on Hardy and his condition before he is cleared to return to the ring.

At AEW, it's the safety of the wrestlers first, as great performances are displayed time and time again for the whole world to see. Just like Tay Melo, who was supported by colleagues and family, the spirit of unity and survival in AEW is insurmountable.

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