Tommy Dreamer's Response to Cody Rhodes Chants at AEW

Exploring crowd dynamics in wrestling's ever-changing narrative.

by Noman Rasool
Tommy Dreamer's Response to Cody Rhodes Chants at AEW

In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where alliances and rivalries shape the narrative, Cody Rhodes' name continues to resonate with fans, despite his switch from AEW to WWE, where he now stands as one of the most beloved babyfaces.

However, Rhodes' departure from AEW was marked by a shift in fan sentiment, as he faced jeers and boos towards the end of his tenure with the promotion. This backdrop set the stage for an intriguing moment on a recent episode of "AEW Dynamite," where Darby Allin's mention of Rhodes sparked chants from the crowd, highlighting the complex relationship between wrestlers and their audiences.

Tommy Dreamer, a seasoned veteran of the wrestling world, reflected on this occurrence during his appearance on "Busted Open Radio," pointing out what he perceived as a missed opportunity for AEW. Dreamer, known for his strategic understanding of audience engagement from his ECW days, suggested that Allin's promo could have been tweaked to spotlight another AEW talent or figure, thereby capitalizing on the moment to elevate someone else within the promotion.

Strategic Narrative Shift

Dreamer proposed a simple yet effective alteration to Allin's narrative, suggesting a reference to AEW President Tony Khan instead of Rhodes. Such a shift, Dreamer argued, could have redirected the audience's energy towards chanting Khan's name, thereby reinforcing the AEW brand and its leadership.

Dreamer's insights stem from his own experiences in ECW, where he adeptly navigated crowd reactions to foster a sense of community and support around the promotion and its key figures. While Dreamer clarified that he didn't view Allin's promo as a failure, he posited that there were alternative approaches that could have been explored to enhance the impact of the moment.

Dreamer's commentary sheds light on the intricate dance between wrestlers, their stories, and the audience, emphasizing the importance of strategic narrative choices in wrestling's ever-evolving landscape. Despite the critique, Dreamer acknowledged Allin's authenticity and emotional connection with the fans, affirming the wrestler's strong rapport with the AEW audience.

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