Tony Khan on Lapsed Fan

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Tony Khan on Lapsed Fan

The WWE is the largest wrestling promotion of the world. Even though they have the best wrestlers of the world working for them, they reported that they lost money this year. This can simply be due to the reason that the WWE uses overly scripted promos and the fans dislike them.

Tony Khan is the current President of All Elite Wrestling. He believes that fans are turning away from the WWE and searching for alternatives because they are fed up of the scripted promos. Many WWE wrestlers have also left the WWE over the years because they don’t like being handed scripted promos.

Steve Austin interviewed Tony Khan and they spoke about scripted promos. "The reason that there is a lapsed fan is because the wrestling that people want to see isn't out there, and it isn't just one thing they are missing it is a lot of things that they are missing," Khan said.

"The promos being overly scripted, and too much of the show being overly scripted promos from a lot of the current television. I think that is an issue, so when you see our stuff, it's not like any writer gave that script to Cody and it's not like Cody went out there with a script either”.

Jon Moxley is well-known for speaking against the WWE’s scripted promos these days. That is why he left the company, even though he was offered a very good deal.