Sting's Possible AEW Comeback Post Revolution 2024 Tag Team Match, Veteran Suggests

Wrestling pundit hints at Sting's potential post-match opportunities

by Atia Mukhtar
Sting's Possible AEW Comeback Post Revolution 2024 Tag Team Match, Veteran Suggests
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Wrestling legend Sting has fixed the retirement match for AEW Revolution 2024. However, AEW has announced the tag team bout, featuring Sting and Darby Allin as his farewell match, but an industry veteran Bill Apter says otherwise.

Apter is hinting that this fallout of the tag team confrontation might lead to a future pay-per-view match-up with "The Icon" returning. Another high-profile match would see Sting and Allin defend their AEW Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks.

While it's the bout set as one of the greatest moments in the long career of Sting, anticipation among fans is already high, and the same promises big viewership for All Elite Wrestling.

Future Ring Prospects

However, Bill Apter presents a different perspective, hinting at potential post-match developments.

Speaking on The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, Apter has said that the match result at Revolution 2024 would result in more chances for Sting in the ring. "But keep in mind. They are saying it's Sting's retirement match, but something might come out of this match that might have Sting do a separate match on the next pay-per-view." Meanwhile, longtime wrestling personality Teddy Long scoffs at the notion, saying it's high time Sting "just gracefully retire": "You got to retire him, Bill.

You can't just keep jumping from here to there." On the other hand, another WCW and a long time close friend of Sting, Kevin Nash explains his incapacitation to make the retirement match due to contractual obligations with WWE.

Nash expresses Sting's disappointment not to make it, drawing the attention of the importance of the two in wrestling history. As the wrestling community watches every move with bated breath and holds its heart in angst, fans prepare to give a heartfelt farewell to this icon that they admire so much.

But he might not be sure of his continuation in the ring, there is a legacy Sting is going to leave in professional wrestling. This return is kind of a return to form for AEW doing what it does best, where it marries nostalgia with a new level of AEW.

It, on the other hand, also signals back to the element of drama and anticipation of sporting intertwining in this most beautiful of sports entertainment. Raydiation

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