Jon Moxley on NJPW Being Very Different From the WWE

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Jon Moxley on NJPW Being Very Different From the WWE

Jon Moxley is a famous All Elite Wrestling wrestler. He was known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE. He is a former member of The Shield, which at one time was the most famous heel group in the WWE. The Shield consisted of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

After Jon quit the WWE, The Shield split. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are doing pretty well as solo wrestlers though. Jon’s AEW contract allows him to wrestle outside of the U.S. That is why Jon is currently the IWGP U.S.

Champion. On the NJPW website, he spoke about how the promotion is different from the WWE. Jon has wrestled in Japan while he was with the WWE as well. "It was very different," Moxley said. "I'd performed there six or seven times for WWE, but that was for WWE fans in Japan, or fans sampling that product.

I didn't know how the NJPW fans would react to me, or even know who I was. I thought I would have to show them who I was through what I did in the ring and the violence I put out there on my opponent”. Jon quit the WWE because he was fed up with the WWE’s creative team. He didn’t like the scripted promos that he was given and wanted to be at a place that allowed him to work freely.