Shane Taylor on AEW Arrival

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Shane Taylor on AEW Arrival

Most wrestling promotions that are not directly affiliated with All Elite Wrestling see their arrival as a good sign. They speak about how competition is good for the wrestling industry. The WWE has ruled the wrestling world for a very long time.

Maybe AEW can beat them someday! They do have the money required to beat a company such as the WWE though. No indie promotion has ever come close to beating the WWE. Shane Taylor is the current ROH TV Champion and he spoke about AEW’s arrival and what it means for the wrestling industry on the WINCLY podcast.

"Competition is everything so we are just as motivated as before, but there's just new competition on the block," stated Taylor before alluding to the core of AEW leaving ROH late last year. "Year after year we see this with ROH where we have talent that beats just about every other company in the world.

Every year we reload and continue to be the best wrestling on the planet. Nothing changes on our end; the goals are the same and we keep moving forward." It is true that competition is good, and the WWE now has to actually deliver a good product.

The WWE was able to get away with making bad decisions, but this time it may cost them. It has been reported that many important WWE superstars have also contacted the AEW in the hopes of getting a job.