AEW's Strategy Behind Adam Page Injury Angle Explained

Wrestling fans relieved by latest twist in AEW saga

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW's Strategy Behind Adam Page Injury Angle Explained
© Adam Page/Reddit

Former AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page kept the fan base on tenterhooks with a brilliant twist of events that had the wrestling fraternity agog. In the climax of the 'AEW Dynamite' main event, Page teamed up with RVD and Hook against Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, and Brian Cage.

Page looked as though he has suffered a bad ankle injury by the time the show went off the air. The incident, which had occurred as the show concluded, saw Page awkwardly land on his ankle before avoiding the camera and clutching the injured limb.

This incident—which took place as the show came to its conclusion—showed him landing awkwardly on his ankle, then avoiding the camera and clutching his injured limb. That dramatized an injury with rampant speculation among viewers, running from a broken ankle to a sprain, stoking fears over his availability in the much-anticipated match for the AEW World Championship against Joe and Strickland at Revolution on March 3rd.

However, it was later found out as an angle development of the story by AEW and confirmed by Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Apparently, the angle was designed so that there would be a backup plan that would give AEW fluidity to potentially write Page off of television for a few weeks.

So, logically, this served as a convenient reason for any changes in the Revolution map, if necessary.

Hangman Page's Uncertain Status

While the match still bills as a three-way contest, Mjson's report said that AEW's decision to potentially pull Page from the event comes as a personal issue that has reportedly come up for the star, keeping him off the pay-per-view to address.

With Revolution looming this Sunday, there is no official word from AEW or Page on what one can expect from the title match. Fans will find out soon enough if the show does indeed have a segment where "Hangman Page addresses the fans ahead of Revolution." If that is the case, it would be to further address the ongoing storyline and possibly give more closure on the highly anticipated championship match.

This is the kind of storyline twist that brings that unpredictable and interesting word back into professional wrestling, a sport where reality and fiction often collide to make for some great stories. Now, fans are asked to stay tuned, as AEW likely has further engaging plans for this captivating storyline heading into Revolution.