Adam Cole Speaks about his GF Working for AEW

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Adam Cole Speaks about his GF Working for AEW

Couples sometimes do not work in the same promotion. That can be a bad thing most of the time! One partner may have to suffer and be punished for the mistakes that the other partner makes. The WWE is known for doing this! They don’t like a WWE wrestler to be associated with anyone who is working for a rival company.

In the past, the WWE has punished its wrestlers for doing this. They simply want to keep couples together so that they don’t end up harming the company in any way. Adam Cole spoke to talkSPORT about his girlfriend recently.

His girlfriend is Dr. Britt Baker and she works for All Elite Wrestling. Baker was part of the AEW Double or Nothing. She won her match and it was a Fatal 4 way match that she was a part of. Cole was asked about whether he actually liked her performance.

"So proud of her. Britt, and she's going to kill me, but I think she's been wrestling close to four years now, and she works so incredibly hard. At anything she does – I mean she's a doctor! So she's a dentist, then she wrestles on the weekends, so for her to get this cool opportunity and wrestle on a cool stage like that was really a lot of fun for me – I'm so proud of her," Cole said.