Young Bucks Embrace Heel Turn in AEW

Exploring the Evolution of AEW's Young Bucks into Villains

by Noman Rasool
Young Bucks Embrace Heel Turn in AEW
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In a recent and candid interview with "Sports Illustrated," AEW Executive Vice Presidents and wrestling tag team phenoms, The Young Bucks, opened up about their transformation into wrestling's latest antagonists following a much-discussed backstage altercation with CM Punk post-All Out 2022.

Since their high-profile return to the ring, the duo has not only adopted new personas that lean heavily into their corporate roles but have also unabashedly embraced the villainous characters they've been cast as, marking a significant shift in their careers.

Matt Jackson, one half of the dynamic duo, spoke poignantly about their enduring legacy in professional wrestling, suggesting that while their contributions may not be universally acknowledged in the present, their impact will be recognized posthumously.

"Our success is undeniable," Jackson asserted, "and though it may not be widely celebrated now, the time will come when our contributions are fully appreciated, albeit perhaps too late." Jackson Defies Critics Addressing the barrage of online criticism that has shadowed them, Jackson offered a defiant perspective on the negative attention.

He underscored their resilience and the financial prosperity they've brought to the wrestling industry, dismissing detractors with a sharp wit. "Critics may disparage our wrestling style, our appearance, or our dialogue, but at the end of the day, our efforts have significantly boosted the industry's financial health.

We take pride in our success and the success we've facilitated for others," Jackson elaborated, unapologetically embracing their controversial status. This bold transition into villainy comes at a pivotal moment, as The Young Bucks are slated to face wrestling legend Sting in what is being billed as his final match at the upcoming Revolution pay-per-view event.

This high-stakes matchup has expedited the unveiling of The Young Bucks' revamped personas, setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable showdown. As The Young Bucks continue to navigate their roles as AEW's most provocative figures, their story is a testament to the complex interplay of character, controversy, and undeniable talent in the world of professional wrestling.

Their journey underscores a compelling narrative of transformation, resilience, and ultimately, the undeniable impact they have had on the industry they love.

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