Chris Jericho Comments on Seth Rollins Statement

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Chris Jericho Comments on Seth Rollins Statement

There aren’t a number of big professional wrestling promotions in the world right now. Even the best indie wrestling promotions in the US are nowhere near the height of the WWE. The WWE generates millions of dollars every year and they have some of the best wrestlers of the world working for them.

The wrestlers are able to produce awesome shows, but some of them have left the WWE after being dissatisfied with the company. Chris Jericho is one of the wrestlers who left the WWE recently to join All Elite Wrestling. All Elite Wrestling is a brand new promotion that is backed by a billionaire.

All Elite Wrestling reportedly gave him the best deal of his life. Seth Rollins stated in a WWE video that the WWE is "Best pro wrestling on the planet. Period." Not many would agree with him, especially the ones that are not satisfied with the product or the company.

Chris Jericho spoke about Rollins match that will happen at WWE Stomping Ground on his podcast. He also spoke about the current WWE product and replied to Rollins with a laughing Emoji. "This match, to me, once again is one of the problems with WWE and maybe one of the reasons why tickets haven't sold well in Tacoma," Jericho said.

"We just saw this match two weeks ago at Super [ShowDown]. The classic thing is my neighbor is a good guy too, [that] doesn't mean [Corbin] should be headlining pay-per-views over and over again."