Eddie Kingston Keeps Continental Title, Gains Bryan Danielson's Nod at AEW Revolution

A thrilling climax to a storied rivalry unfolds.

by Atia Mukhtar
Eddie Kingston Keeps Continental Title, Gains Bryan Danielson's Nod at AEW Revolution
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In a riveting encounter at AEW Revolution, Eddie Kingston once again emerged victorious over Bryan Danielson, retaining his Continental Championship and, in a dramatic turn of events, earning the respect of his long-standing rival.

This high-stakes match was not just about the title; it was a battle for honor and prestige, witnessed by fans worldwide. The bout was an uphill battle for Kingston, who faced a relentless assault from Danielson. Known as the "American Dragon," Danielson expertly targeted Kingston's right arm, a strategy that seemed to tip the scales in his favor multiple times throughout the match.

However, Kingston's resilience shone through. In a pivotal moment, after engaging Danielson in a fierce exchange of strikes, Kingston found his second wind. Seizing the opportunity, he executed a stunning powerbomb, clinching the pinfall victory.

Respect After Battle

The aftermath of the match was as compelling as the battle itself. In accordance with the stipulations set before the match, Danielson was expected to adhere to the "Code of Honor" by shaking Kingston's hand.

Initially, Danielson hesitated, feigning reluctance. However, in a moment of sportsmanship that captivated the audience, he embraced Kingston, effectively acknowledging his prowess before the captivated crowd. Sunday's clash at AEW Revolution was not just another match; it was a sequel to their December semi-final bout in the Continental Classic, where Kingston had previously bested Danielson and Jon Moxley to advance.

This victory marked a significant milestone for Kingston, as it was his first win against Danielson after several previous attempts, dating back to their first singles match in CHIKARA in 2010. With this win, Kingston continues to reign as the AEW Continental, NJPW Strong Openweight, and ROH World Champion, cementing his legacy as a formidable competitor in the wrestling world.

On the other hand, Danielson, despite his formidable skill and determination, remains in pursuit of AEW championship glory. This encounter was more than a match; it was a testament to the spirit of competition, respect, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the world of professional wrestling.

As Kingston and Danielson shook hands, they not only closed the chapter on their rivalry but also set the stage for the next saga in their storied careers.

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