Jim Ross Advocates for AEW to Sign Shelton Benjamin

Veteran Wrestler Shelton Benjamin eyed by AEW for role

by Atia Mukhtar
Jim Ross Advocates for AEW to Sign Shelton Benjamin
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Setting up for another interesting thing, it's rumored that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been setting up to talk with former WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin regarding his future appearance in AEW. The veteran analyst, Jim Ross, recently signaled his interest in the incorporation of Benjamin into the AEW squad.

End of negotiation terms are not available at the moment, and so is the kind of agreement. Speaking on Benjamin during a recent episode of the Grilling JR podcast, while praising the amazing athleticism, Ross noted "a tremendous athletic ability of one who, after the years they spent together in the WWE ring, is one of the talents we developed, some of that, developed by fictitious names by the likes of Cena, Brock, Orton, Batista, where Shelton was the best athlete".but as he said he was a great athlete, Benjamin's strength was proving more than an issue with the members of the audience.

However, Ross underlined in Benjamin some good, said loyalty, and referred to his team spirit, which he views as invaluable for any locker room.

Benjamin: Mentor & Molder

Ross introduced Benjamin as one of the guys who may not be great additions to the AEW list of skills but mentors for the kids who start off with wrestling from wherever.

His very diversified career, according to Ross, identifies him as among the guys who would equally be perfect to mold and motivate upcoming talent within the organization. Ross says that if at all he has to join, he might be into singles competition against a very technically sound wrestler to exhibit his own wrestling, and once he has a good run solo, put him in the tag team division, where his huge experience would help double the stakes.

Speculation had already started mounting around Benjamin's future outside of WWE after his release from the company back in September of 2023, so this thread of thought just happened to come up right on time. As the world of professional wrestling sits by with bated breath waiting for any official word, the support of Jim Ross certainly goes to show just how impactful and valuable of an addition that Shelton Benjamin would make towards the already dynamic rosters AEW has built.

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