Jake The Snake Roberts Updates on AEW Contract Status

Jake Roberts discusses creative aspirations with AEW leadership

by Atia Mukhtar
Jake The Snake Roberts Updates on AEW Contract Status
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WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts has decided he's going to stick with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) for at least another year. This is a topic that an animated Roberts was apparently planning to break down further on his "Snake Pit" podcast.

And, naturally, Roberts was absolutely ecstatic that he was going to be stuck with his bonus time for another year, stating, "Well folks, just to let you know, you're gonna be looking at me on AEW for another year. That's right, they re-signed me, so that's great news.

Looking forward to doing it." Roberts has been with the AEW brand since 2019 and not too long ago had agreed to a contract extension this year that will have kept him with the organization for another two years. Roberts takes on on-camera duties as the handler for Lance Archer and The Righteous faction in addition to his standout role among AEW's special advisors who work toward conducting the company's outreach efforts.

Roberts Eyes Creative Role

The latter was speaking about how he might only be interested in creative contributions to the show, where he would bring up, for instance, that he only brought back the 'Snake Pit' segment because he had wanted to drive home that idea to AEW President Tony Khan.

"Cross my fingers that wouldn't that be something if we started the Snake Pit back up again? Listen, I'd love to talk to Tony about that," he said regarding bringing the segment back. Meanwhile, outside of any future aspirations for a talk show, Roberts is looking into "a couple of really cool ideas" for some form of entertainment, possibly even a themed cruise.

Though he never raises any such affair as those cruises on the sea hosted by Chris Jericho called the Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager, Roberts looks to bring his uniquely branded flavor into such affairs. "Everybody's been on a Jericho cruise, but have you ever been on a Jake 'The Snake' Roberts cruise? That's on tap, folks, so get ready for that.

We're gonna put it out in the middle of the ocean and do what I do," he said in joking fashion. The added freshness of ideas through Roberts' new contract would only carry forward the commitment to develop intriguing and unique content for AEW fans.

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