Ryback on Chris Jericho Being AEWs Employee

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Ryback on Chris Jericho Being AEWs Employee

All Elite Wrestling promised to change the wrestling world ever since it arrived on the scene. They are backed by a billionaire, so they have the money required to purchase any wrestler. They can also spend a lot on marketing and make sure that they sell out their PPV events.

That is exactly what they did. They sold out their recent PPV event tickets within 15 minutes. That has made the WWE worry about the arrival of AEW. WWE Superstars are regularly complaining about the WWE produce and how they are being treated in the WWE.

The WWE wrestlers are independent contractors and are not actually employed by the WWE. According to former WWE wrestler, Ryback, that is not a good thing. Chris Jericho recently revealed that he is actually employed by AEW.

Ryback spoke about that on his podcast. "I think they are currently using the WWE model for the time being," Ryback said. "But that got me to think that if AEW just flat out started making wrestlers employees and started doing things right from the start, that would give them even more momentum and would give them coverage all around the world where this babyface company that is coming along to save the day for pro wrestling”.

It has been reported that the WWE is trying to lock down its current wrestlers. They do not want its wrestlers to leave the company for All Elite Wrestling.