Adam Copeland Leads Six-Man Tag at AEW Dynasty

Dynamic Trio Sets Stage for Explosive AEW Showdown

by Atia Mukhtar
Adam Copeland Leads Six-Man Tag at AEW Dynasty
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In a recent electrifying announcement on "AEW Collision," the stage has been set for a high-octane showdown at the upcoming AEW Dynasty pay-per-view event. TNT Champion Adam Copeland will join forces with Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston, forming a formidable trio poised to battle the sinister collective known as the House of Black, comprised of Malaki Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King.

The genesis of this eagerly anticipated match traces back to the aftermath of a fiercely contested open challenge for the TNT title on "Collision," where Adam Copeland emerged victorious against Matt Cardona. In the wake of Copeland's triumph, the arena was plunged into darkness, a harbinger of Malaki Black's ominous presence.

Upon the lights' return, Black had materialized in the ring, setting the stage for a surprise assault on Copeland by Buddy Matthews. The situation rapidly escalated as the House of Black began to overpower the TNT Champion.

However, the tide turned with the timely intervention of Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston, who charged to Copeland's aid, compelling the House of Black to make a strategic retreat.

Backstage Challenge Issued

The narrative took another compelling turn backstage, where Copeland, Briscoe, and Kingston, united by their shared ordeal, issued a challenge to the House of Black.

The match was promptly confirmed, adding a layer of intrigue to the Dynasty PPV card. This match holds particular significance as it unfolds against the backdrop of Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston's impending clash at Ring of Honor's Supercard of Honor in Philadelphia, where Kingston's ROH World Championship will be at stake.

The duo, veterans of the ring, have crossed paths in the past during their time in Ring of Honor, marking a reunion of sorts ahead of their collaboration at Dynasty. While Kingston's and Briscoe's histories are intertwined with past battles and current alliances, their involvement with the House of Black varies.

Briscoe has been entangled in a months-long feud with the faction, whereas Kingston's encounters with them have been minimal. Interestingly, Copeland's connection to his opponents is even more tenuous, highlighted by brief encounters with Black and Matthews during the 2020 Men's Royal Rumble match, making the upcoming six-man tag match at Dynasty not just a battle of strength but of strategic wit and alliances forged in the heat of combat.

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